Case Painting

Case Painting
White, Beige, Black or Silver?
Why limit your options by the lack of imagination and daring of the manufacturers?

Have you ever imagined …
… the color and finish of an exotic car decorating your computer?
… a Desktop PC in the colors of your favorite football team?
… a Home Theater PC to match the finish of the wooden furniture that it stands on?
… a laptop adorned with your corporate logo?

Now you can choose from a huge color range and different types of paintjobs including:

Electrostatic Painting

Maximum strength at reduced cost.
Applies to metal surfaces (exterior parts – internal frame)
Variety of colors and finishes.

Automotive Painting

High quality paintjobs using automotive grade materials.
Apply to all types of surfaces (plastic or metal).
Wide variety of monochrome, pearls, double / triple coating and chameleon.
Choice of final finishes (matte, satin or gloss).

And for those seeking something more than a substrate;
we offer a fully customized airbrush service.
Choose from a wide range of finished designs or bring your ideas to life
and get a 100% unique and personalized case.
You are presented with a series of digital sketches before the final paintjob
to have a more detailed visualization of how the paint scheme will fit your case.
And because the customization does not end on the case alone … match the frame of your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker covers and create the desktop of your dreams.


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