Born in Athens in the late 70’s
little George quickly realized his tendency towards drawing and all kinds of construction.
Initially with his building blocks and play dough,
which later became Legos and static models, while at the same time painting and designing.
During adolescence, his venture into the beloved world of motorcycles
initiated him in the whole tuning and customization scene.
Inevitably, the small Airbrush gave way to the much larger paint gun
and a first contact was made with some heavier tools than before.
After high school, he studied decoration and interior design at Vakalo college of Arts.
Through the use of technical drawing and his constant search for new materials,
and up to the graphic design and visual communication courses,
not-so-young-anymore George captured the logic of an idea becoming a plan
and from the plan to the manufacturing process and then to the final presentation.
When he graduated, somewhere at the end of the previous millennium,
yet another previously unknown to him hobby, case modding, came to his attention.
At the beginning it started as a need for optimization of commercial computer products.
When the first issues of functionality were resolved, the issue of aesthetics came up.
Timidly at first he started to conclude more elaborate plans which resulted in him transforming computers belonging to friends and family members.
While working at an architectural model workshop
he also gained experience in constructions of another scale.
He learned the secrets of plexiglass, the tremendous potential of laser cutting,
micro sculpturing and many other crafts and manufacturing methods,
which allowed him to improve his hobby beyond amateur level.
When later on, he was given the opportunity to make a profession out of his hobby, he accepted and got to work for quite a few years                         as head of the first and largest computer customization store in Greece.
Today, in his personal workshop, he continues to undertake all kinds of projects always aiming to offer the best possible aesthetic and functional outcome,
consistent with the needs and tastes of each individual user.


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